old photo restoration, photo editing service and old photos restorations
Photographs are one of the few means we have to preserve our memories forever. Pictures of when we were children, photos of grandparents or parents, group photos with friends who then took a different path from ours, pictures of birthdays and ceremonies.

I often look at the old photo albums of my parents and grandparents, the picture of my grandfather in a soldier’s uniform, that of my young grandmother and many others.

I would love to restore old photos, like the ones my father kept in the cellar and humidity very damaged them.

These are essential memories and, personally, the only memories I have of my grandparents. My mission, therefore, was to find a photo restoration service that could recover them, digitize them and colorize old photos online.

My main fear was the quality of service. The photos of my grandparents were old, faded, and in some cases, the humidity had made the image almost irrecoverable.

I did not want to delude myself that I could save my memories and then pay for poor quality work, it was not a problem of money, but of expectations and disappointments. I was also afraid that the photos would be irremediably damaged in the recovery process.

My situation was at a crossroads: restore the old pics or do nothing but be aware that sooner or later the photos would be too old to be stored?

Take action and risk of making mistakes or not to act for fear of failure?

In my life, I have always decided to follow my instinct and to make mistakes rather than stay still and have regrets in the future, and even in this case, I remained consistent with my thinking.

I decided to do a little test and try to restore some old photos in digital format from a

old hoto restoration, photo editing service and old photos restorations

old photo restoration, photo editing service and old photos restorations


The staff was kind and gave me the idea of being very competent, they listened to my problem, and they reassured me about some doubts in a clear and satisfactory way, and then agreed to give it a try.

I wanted to test their skills with the most challenging photo: a picture of my grandfather almost entirely ruined by the wet.

I scanned the photo and sent it to the email address of the service and waited for an answer.

In a few days, I received the old photo restored, and I was amazed by the quality of the work.

The file was in high resolution, and the graph was able to clear the wet spots and restore the image in a bright and precise way. It was the first time I saw that photo recovered and the emotion made me move.

The emotional value I have for that picture cannot be explained in words and seeing it restored made me feel very close to my grandfather.

I decided to recover all my photos and create a digital album that will never be ruined.

Thanks to the old photos restoration service I saved my memories and created new ones.